Special Initiative Committees

As two of the main goals of FLY, Mentorship and Professional Development are a large part of our mission. We believe that these two initiatives are integral to the fulfillment of our objectives and success of our members; this is why we have decided to create special committees that focus on them. The established teams (Recruitment, Events, Communications and Community Outreach) will not be responsible for fully implementing the objectives of the committees. Rather, both committees will require the knowledge and resources from each team, requiring the committees to remain in close communication with the four teams. Both committees will offer opportunities for leadership, creativity and ultimately strengthen the presence and value of FLY. 


The FLY Mentorship Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the FLY Mentorship Program in fall 2014. This program will pair motivated and invested FLY members with a mentor - an accomplished Yale professional - and provide a framework for creating meaningful mentoring relationships at Yale.  While voluntary, mentorship provides a shared experience that enriches the lives of mentees, mentors, and the Yale community overall. The mentor/mentee partnership is intended to be bi-directional: an effective collaboration is intended to provide both individuals with valuable skills and relationships that can be utilized throughout their career. The mentee is expected to take the initiative in communication and working with the mentor to establish expectations, goals, and objectives of the relationship. 

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee will be responsible for determining what types of programing and resources would benefit FLY membership, what resources already exist at Yale but need to be made more visible, and what deficiencies can be addressed internally in reference to professional development. This committee will initiate and implement offerings to the FLY membership throughout the year, both internal and external resources can be considered.    

We invite anyone who is interested and passionate about contributing to these causes to let us know here.