Professional Development

Professional development at Yale consists of formal classes, workshops, seminars, or conferences. Opportunities can help professionals develop new knowledge and sharpen existing skills, and is an integral part of career advancement. FLY hopes to make it easier to navigate a career at Yale and develop strategies for gaining experience and education. This website will function as a resource for finding and sharing information and opportunities for development with the community.

Career Advancement

FLY will help to make Yale an attractive workplace for talented professionals who are looking to advance their careers. We hope to encourage morale, loyalty, and commitment to the university’s mission. Young professionals are a fantastic asset for Yale and are poised to contribute their lives’ work to the university. Currently there are many long-service employees who have spent their entire career at Yale, and we want to encourage this trend into the future.

Mentorship & Communication

FLY hopes to foster a sense of respect between generations, leading to communication and collaboration between different leadership echelons. Individuals at every experience level have something to gain. Mentorship can provide a unique learning experience for the mentor and the mentee; the sum of all experience and knowledge is greater than it’s parts. One group can share the wealth of its career/life experience, the other group a fresh perspective. 

Networking Opportunities

Based on input from the community, we have identified a lack of networking opportunities for young professionals. FLY will allow members from all over the University to meet one another and build new connections. Networking is critical to personal growth and career development. It provides the benefit of sharing knowledge and experiences, learning about new opportunities, and raising one’s professional profile.