1. Where does FLY get its funding?
    FLY, like all Yale affinity groups, is a central initiative that is supported by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Executive Committee.
  2. Are there membership fees/will there be costs to attend events?
    No, anyone who is employed at Yale may join or attend events. We have philanthropy partnerships and we encourage members to give back to the community, either through service or other means.
  3. Are there any other ways to get involved (leadership opportunities) with the group? 
    FLY is guided by a group of leaders known as the Steering Committee. These members volunteer their time and skills to help make FLY a substantial voice at Yale. Steering Committee seats will rotate and anyone interested in taking a more active role in FLY should contact the co-­chairs.
  4. Who should I talk to about my idea for an event/charity or my general question or comment? 
    FLY welcomes your ideas, questions or comments. Simply fill out the form on our Get Involved! page to let us know what’s on your mind. You are also welcome to contact the FLY co-chairs, Mela and //patrick.obrien@yale.edu">Patrick, anytime to discuss your interests.
  5. How do I join?
    All Yale employees are invited to attend our events and join FLY. There is no set time commitment. We encourage all those who share our vision and goals to become part of the FLY community. Click here to sign up for our mailing list (search for Future Leaders of Yale)click here to get involved, or email us for more information