The FLY Mentorship Program

The FLY Mentorship Program was launched in fall 2014. This program paired motivated and invested FLY members with a mentor - an accomplished Yale professional - and provided a framework for creating meaningful mentoring relationships at Yale. Mentorship provides a shared experience that enriches the lives of mentees, mentors, and the Yale community overall. 

Facts about the program

  • Mentees should ideally be able to identify two to three Yale employees to potentially serve as their mentors (this may not include your supervisor or the person above your supervisor), but resources will be available to try and assist in the matching process.
  • FLY will facilitate the contacting and matching of identified mentors for mentees –participants are not guaranteed their choice of mentor.
  • Once paired with a mentor, the mentee-mentor relationship is completely driven by the mentee. With support from the program, the mentee is responsible for requesting meetings, developing agendas (as informal or formal as preferred), and providing follow-up and feedback to the Mentorship Program Committee.
  • Mentors and mentees are required to attend four educational group workshops facilitated  by the FLY Mentorship Program in collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on a quarterly basis.

The mentor/mentee partnership is intended to be bi-directional: an effective collaboration is intended to provide both individuals with valuable skills and relationships that can be utilized throughout their career. The mentee is expected to take the initiative in communication and working with the mentor to establish expectations, goals, and objectives of the relationship.

Listen and read testimonials from mentors and mentees who participated in our program in past years.


Apply for the Program

Information about the 2016-2017 program to come.


Self-Directed Mentoring Program

We will continue the more structured Mentorship Program this fall. In the meantime, we listened to your feedback and have also decided to offer a self-directed mentee-driven mentoring program through the FLY website. This way, you can explore a mentoring relationship on your own.

For more information on mentorship, check out our Mentorship Resources.



If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to Julia Hsieh.