Daniela Czerwinski

FLY: Tell me about your current role at Yale University:

Daniela: I am currently the Program Director for Marketing and Communications at Yale Conferences & Events, a role that I have held since August 2019. In this role, I support the advancement of a full range of programs, projects, and initiatives at YC&E by providing high-level strategic marketing and communications leadership. My role is new to YC&E and it has been such a fulfilling experience being able to provide new services to our clients, like graphic design, website design, email marketing, and social media support, to name a few. 

FLY: How did you begin your career?

Daniela: After graduating from Western New England College (now University) with my bachelor’s in marketing communications and advertising, I took a temporary position with the Royal Bank of Scotland in Greenwich, CT as an office manager. Although I was not using my degree in this position, I eagerly stepped into the role with the goal of gaining real life experience working in an office environment with more seasoned professionals. This experience was so beneficial to my professional growth. From there, I took a job with the law firm of Robinson & Cole as a marketing coordinator. This role shaped me into the marketing professional that I am today as it exposed me to a plethora of projects which helped sharpen my marketing skills greatly. As a jack of all trades, I willingly took on anything that the department needed and constantly learned from those I worked with. After 3 years with R&C, I began my journey at Yale as an International Affairs Associate with the Office of International Affairs, and the rest is history. I believe that my willingness to take on any task, learn as much as I can, and remain flexible has greatly contributed to my success at Yale. Most recently, YC&E had to pivot from event management to COVID-19 relief efforts when the pandemic hit. My entire department remained flexible and eagerly stepped up to support the university with projects that were brand new to us. I had to stretch in new ways when I was tapped to assist with communications and other special projects during this unprecedented time. Navigating these uncharted waters with my incredible YC&E team has been a true honor and I am better because of it.

FLY: What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in your job?

Daniela: Things can change quickly and often in the events realm, so being flexible, staying calm, and having the ability to switch gears quickly are essential. Being a team player and having the ability to adjust priorities and stay organized are also crucial. Having an eye for design and being detail-oriented are really important in my role, as is staying current on the latest marketing trends and techniques. When I was in college, social media did not even exist, so I keep my finger on the pulse by completing training courses, attending conferences and roundtables, conducting researching, and reading relevant articles and blogs.

FLY: How does working for Yale compare to previous institutions at which you’ve worked?

Daniela: Working at Yale has opened my world up to new ideas, cultures, and people, which has enriched my life in many ways. There is a vast array of opportunities within the university to expand your network and knowledge, you just have to take advantage of them. I have held four different roles during my 11 years at Yale so I can personally say that there are opportunities for continuous growth here. I also feel supported in my personal and professional goals, having been given the flexibility I needed to complete my MBA in 2012 and balance family with work when my daughter arrived in 2017. The way Yale stepped up to assist staff, especially parents and caregivers, during the pandemic only reaffirms to me that this is one of the best places to work.

FLY: What non-work-related aspect have you enjoyed most about the Yale community?

Daniela: I am in awe of the stunning architecture and grounds on Yale’s campus, and love taking walks to admire it all. I also enjoy the different events happening on and around campus, and the incredible food scene in New Haven (especially the pizza!).

FLY: What changes have been made to your work since COVID-19 started to impact Yale?

Daniela: Ironically enough, even though we were in quarantine and socially distanced, I found myself collaborating with more people, more often than before the pandemic. We have Zoom to thank for that! I’ve also learned from my team how to help execute virtual events for our clients and I now have a newfound appreciation for those who plan and execute virtual events (it is a lot of work).