charity fundraiser

September 14, 2014
7:30am Hammerfest Triathlon 2014

On Sunday, Sept. 14, FLY invites you to participate in the 18th annual Hammerfest Triathlon to support advances in ALD (adrenoleukodystrpohy). The triathlon will take place at the Owenego Beach Club (40 Linden Ave., Branford, CT), beginning at 7:30 a.m. There are many ways to be involved in this...

September 11, 2014
6:00pm FLY/CTYP Joint Networking & Charity Event

Join us for a networking and charity event to benefit the Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation, a scholarship program that offers grants to the children of lost firefighters and other victims of 9/11 for higher education. 

Come enjoy cocktails...

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