Event Recap - Careers at Yale: Finance

Careers at Yale: Finance Flyer
March 17, 2021

Yale HR Staffing and Career Development, Yale African American Affinity (YAAA) group, Yale Latino Networking Group (YLNG), and Future Leaders of Yale (FLY) partnered to present a panel of professionals representing experiences of people who hire, direct, and perform work related to Finance at Yale.

Attendees learned a few new perspectives on professional growth from Katherine Viera, Financial Analyst in Faculty Research Management Services, Audrey Hom, Financial Analyst in the Controller’s Office, Joanne Bentley, Senior Director of Faculty Research Management Services, and Damion Smith, a Talent Acquisition Professional. This conversation was moderated by Alina Colassale, an Early Career Development Specialist with Yale HR Staffing and Career Development, who shared this career development resource.

In case you missed or wish to review this session, please check out our recording on the link below: https://yale.zoom.us/rec/play/3OFdPYYkUqwsOSbqOpnHVU3jNUlLhRVGoZqm0Rgfme…