Strength-4-Survivors: Virtual Event

Strength-4-Survivors: Virtual Event Photo
March 27, 2021

This year, due to the Coronavirus and public safety measures, The Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services (UCDVS) is hosting a safe and mindful virtual event- Strength-4-Survivors - that raises funds for our services and programs. This 14-day challenge, which begins on March 13, will honor victims and survivors of domestic violence, and support the life-changing services that UCDVS provides for nearly 8,000 people a year. Each morning, the Yale Affinity Group Team will be sent a challenge - ranging from physical, to creative, to mindful. Each challenge will be accompanied with a very important statistic about domestic violence in our country and our state. We hope you will consider supporting us as we complete this challenge. Learn More.