Haley Sabitus

Haley Sabitus is an Assistant Director of Leadership Giving in Yale’s Central Office of Development. You can learn more about her background by reading her FLY spotlight from the summer, found here.  Haley is the Communications committee Co-Chair for FLY and is transitioning to serving as the FLY Co-Chair beginning in July 2022. From January to June, Haley will be the FLY Co-Chair Elect as well as continuing her responsibilities with the Communications committee.

FLY: Tell me about your involvement with FLY:

In March 2021, I began serving on FLY’s Communications committee. I started by refreshing FLY’s social media, particularly with Instagram. In September, I began serving as one of the FLY Communications Co-Chairs. In that role, I expanded my involvement by assisting with the creation of the monthly newsletters and thinking more about FLY’s overall communications strategy.

FLY: What have you enjoyed most about being involved with FLY?

Working with the communications committee has absolutely been my favorite part so far! It has been so fun to have a hand in the messaging of FLY- one of my proudest moments was the creation of FLY’s first holiday newsletter. Our whole team put so much effort into it and to see so much positive feedback on it was incredibly rewarding. Additionally, there are so many great people involved with FLY. I moved to Connecticut and began working at Yale two months before the pandemic started so I never really had an opportunity to build a community up here personally or professionally in the way I had hoped. Participating in FLY has given me that sense of belonging within the Yale community.

FLY: How has FLY helped you as a young professional?

The opportunity to have leadership experience is so important as a young professional, so being able to serve as a Communications committee Co-Chair and now as the FLY Co-Chair Elect is truly an honor and a great learning experience for me. FLY also offers such great programming geared towards young professionals on topics like networking, communicating, community involvement, and more that I have benefited from participating in.

FLY: What are you most looking forward to as a FLY Co-Chair?

I am excited about partnering with Marilyn, the current FLY Co-Chair, to think more strategically about how we can support young professionals at Yale and execute on some of the great ideas already brainstormed by Nicole and Marilyn. I think FLY is such an incredible group and I hope to do what I can to better it for current members and encourage more young professionals to participate.