Lean In Mentorship Program

FLY offers a group mentorship program through which early career professionals can learn to lean into their careers. A series of panel discussions is offered throughout the year, exploring career development topics for FLY members. Featured guest mentors represent various areas and levels of experience from across Yale. The 2020-21 program will focus on: 


If you have any questions about FLY mentorship, please feel free to reach out to co-chairs Angelina Stackpole and Lauren Hunt.

Mentorship Team

Angelina StackpoleCo-chair

Lauren HuntCo-chair

Self-Directed Mentoring Program

self-directed mentee-driven mentoring program is also available through the FLY website. We hope that if you are not able to attend our Lean In Mentorship Program sessions that you can explore a mentoring relationship on your own.

For more information on mentorship, check out our Mentorship Resources.