Lean In for Young Professionals Program

FLY offers a group mentorship program through which young professionals can learn to lean into their careers. Senior professionals from across the university are invited to speak on panels in which they share valuable advice on a range of topics. Areas of focus for the 2018-19 year will be: 

  • Career Fulfillment (November)
  • Manging Up, Down, and Sideways (January)
  • Career Transitions (March)
  • Building Skills for Your Next Career Step (May)
  • Job Families at Yale (July)

Self-Directed Mentoring Program

We listened to your feedback and now offer a self-directed mentee-driven mentoring program through the FLY website. This way, you can explore a mentoring relationship on your own.

For more information on mentorship, check out our Mentorship Resources.


If you have any questions about FLY mentorship, please feel free to reach out to co-chairs Julia Hsieh and Denval Lawrence.

Mentorship Team

Julia Hsieh

Denval Lawrence

Sheraz Iqbal

Jessica Fenner

Courtney McCarroll

Alejandra Rodriguez

Maria Singer

Bonnie Lemelin

Rachel Lyke

Julie Super

Katie Rowe
Co-Chair Liason