Tips for a Successful Mentoring Relationship

by Ronice Awudu

• Pick a goal you would like to achieve and try your best to seek ways to achieve it by the end of the year.
• Never fail to connect at least once a month- whether it be by email, phone, video chat, or preferably, in person.
• Do not be afraid to let your guard down, be honest and open.
• Listen to one another and be receptive.
• Even if your partner cannot make it, try to attend the bi-monthly group activities that FLY sponsors, it’s a very rewarding experience, for both your mentoring relationship and your personal growth.
• Dare to venture outside of the norm, by meeting at various University locations that neither of you have ever seen. Meet at local restaurants and shops as well.
• Feel free to connect outside of your normal work hours if needed- happy hours, or possibly on the weekends.
• Connect with the other mentoring couples, follow up with them to grow your professional circle. Excellent networking tool, because you can utilize this shared experience as a way to break the ice.

Particularly for the Mentees:
• Bring an agenda or a few talking points you want to address during the one on one meetings with your mentor, so that you do not waste the time away unnecessarily.