Authentic Leadership: How to be Yourself AND be Successful as a Leader

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 12:00pm
17 Hillhouse Avenue, 101
New Haven, CT 06511


Join Future Leaders of Yale (FLY), Diversability at Yale (DAY), and the Asian Network at Yale (ANY) for an interactive and engaging 90-minute workshop led by Shana Katz Ross of Villi and Ve Solutions!

In the current complex and diverse world, leadership is anything but monolithic. Leaders must adapt to both circumstance and people, and they must be in constant evolution to remain successful. This workshop dispels the notion that there is only one single type of leadership that can be taught and provides a framework for early career professionals to 1) reflect on their own innate leadership style and 2) start to think about situational models for expressing that authentic voice to build professional reputation.

Participants can expect to gain insight into their own leadership strengths and develop a vision of their own leadership aspirations. They will also learn and begin to deploy tools for understanding the way others perceive them and become more intentional regarding their visibility and impact as emerging leaders.

**This is a brown bag event. Please bring a lunch, and we will provide snacks and beverages.**

Participants will be expected to fill out a questionnaire in advance of the workshop.

Free but register in advance