Evolving Heritage, Evolving Practice - Gustavo Araoz

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 5:00pm
Loria Center, Room 250 See map
190 York St
New Haven, CT


Former President, International Council on Monuments and Sites

The theories and practice of modern heritage conservation that were born out of the experience of a century and a half in preserving monuments and monumental sites in Europe quickly expanded into the international arena in the mid-20th century bringing in an early manifestation of the homogeneity that has come to be negatively associated with globalization. By surveying those early European developments and how the international heritage community responded by expanding the theory and practice of conservation towards a multi-cultural approach, this talk will explore and illustrate how the once dominant Eurocentric conservation techniques and methods have had to evolve - and continue to do so – in order to adapt and respond to these emerging concepts and trends.