A Night at the Yale Rep with FLY and CTYP

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 5:30pm
Harvest See map
1104 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT


FLY and CTYP are partnering up for a night at Yale Rep! Enjoy a happy hour at Harvest ( 1104 Chapel St.) where your play ticket will get you a free drink and appetizers. Then we’ll head next door for Kiss. (If you cannot attend Kiss that evening, you can show your ticket from another performance for the same perk!)

About Kiss: A standing double date in Damascus quickly escalates into farce as four friends unburden their hearts and reveal their secret passions. But as civil war wages outside, nothing is really what it seems to be. Kiss is a politically charged and emotionally resonant exploration of what gets lost in translation: the unfathomable human toll of a nation in chaos. 

Please register for the happy hour through Eventbrite and buy your discounted $20 play ticket(s) on the Yale Rep website (using promo code “FLY” (a $31 savings!) . You may choose to attend one part of the evening and not the other, but we recommend the full experience. As always, friends and significant others to invited to attend! 

FLY and CTYP thank the Yale Rep and the Burry Fredrik Foundation for their sponsorship.